Food Astrology: Read Your Horoscope and Eat It Too

Food Astrology: Read Your Horoscope and Eat It Too

Librans are all about balance and harmony – finding and providing it. They’re also the quintessential people pleasers, can be indecisive, are romantics, and will always be striving for/towards diplomacy. 

Today’s Libra Horoscope brought to you by the Astro Twins:

“Your biggest dreams demand center stage today. A quarter moon in your ambitious tenth house helps recalibrate your focus so you can concentrate on your most important goals. Do you have too many balls in the air, Libra? You may find that your long list of responsibilities is keeping your greatest ambitions on simmer. Scale back and streamline, so you can focus on achieving your aims.”

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Sounds like you need to relax today, Libra. Children of the Scales are ruled by the areas of the lower back (lumbar region), kidneys and the buttocks (…and are said to have nice ones). Venus is Libra’s governing planet and has dominance over Libra’s skin, hair and veins.

Obviously, Librans thrive on balanced diets and are known for being quite health conscious. Being prone to skin and kidney issues requires proper hydration and the moderation of alcohol (sorry - we know you've got a rough week ahead). Cleanse by adding thyme, a Libra-loving herb, to dishes. Flush out those stress toxins. Even though it looks like you have a lot to juggle this week, stay away from the hard stuff and stick to a glass of red, if you must. Chatty Librans should stick to a fish-forward, high-protein diet for sustenance. Munch on some celery (yes, you can doctor it with peanut butter), as it’s a natural diuretic that couldn’t be more perfect for this kidney-sensitive sign. Libra’s cell salt is sodium phosphate, an acid and alkali equalizer. Foods that keep this mineral in balance include beets, carrots, spinach, figs, fresh coconut, almonds and raisins.  Librans need to balance their intake of acid, so super-sharp foods can be hard on a Libra’s digestion process. 

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