Food Profanity: Check out These 2 F**king Websites

Brooke Newberry
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Sometimes in the face of culinary chaos or kitchen indecision, you have to just ask yourself: WTF?

With the holidays approaching quickly, you might be a bit grumpy and tired of menu planning. Perhaps you need to be slapped around a little and just told what to do. These two websites below do just that. 

This one tells you where the f**k to go out to eat and drink (since you’re so f**king lazy). We totally recommend clicking the “Offended” icon near the bottom of the screen as well as perusing their Twitter feed for some Dick’s Last Resort Restaurant-style cyber bullying.  

And if you’re f**king stumped in the kitchen, this site tells you what to cook and drink. Most recipes seemed to be pulled from

We’ve seen Thug Kitchen tell us like it is but this is when sh*t gets real.

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