Get The Recipe For In-N-Out’s Awesome Secret Burger Sauce

Ross Gardiner
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There are certain things Southern Californians have in their back pocket when people spit poison about their stomping grounds. They’ll quickly reference the impeccable weather, the hedonistic lifestyle, and the In-N-Out burger.

The classic SoCal burger chain is widely regarded as the best of American fast food. Their combination of quality ingredients, high entry-level wages, and a secret menu has created both hysteria and devotion among all who have tried it. In-N-Out is the perfect fast food, and we're going to show you how to replicate that SoCal '50s flavor in your own backyard! 

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The burger, the bun, and all of the contents are fairly straightforward, but anyone who's ever put one of these little beauties between their teeth will attest that the difference is in the sauce. So get your condiments out and let's create the greatest cheap burger sauce of all time!



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