Greenhook Ginsmiths: The Saviors of the Craft Gin World

Greenhook Ginsmiths: The Saviors of the Craft Gin World

Five years ago, Steven DeAngelo was working on Wall Street and was just plain unhappy. At the same time, in a parallel world, gin was starting to become a buzzword once again. Steven saw an opportunity to explore the unexplored and bring his own East Coast personality to the gin world. But like we said, DeAngelo was entrenched in the world market of Lower Manhattan. As any Wall Street’er can attest, free time is at a premium when you work in finance. But Steven DeAngelo studied. He immersed himself in the universe of juniper spirits. He looked for inspiration. He developed ideas. He studied some more. And it all paid off. You won’t find Mr. DeAngelo on Wall Street anymore. If you need him, he’ll be at his Greenpoint, Brooklyn distillery, making the artistry that is Greenhook Gin.

To call this gin great is an understatement. But it is not just the product that is amazing - it’s the process. DeAngelo has custom made a 300-liter copper alembic still, specially engineered to work under a mercury vacuum to reduce atmospheric pressure in the still. This allows Greenhook to distill their gins at lower temperatures than traditional distillation. So as we expect a more astringent taste from a London dry gin, instead DeAngelo gives us a purer aromatic and fragrant spirit.

“Because of its simplicity, it may seem like gin is one of the easiest spirits to distill. But because gin is all about balance, it is definitely one of the toughest,” says Steven. He goes on, “It’s not necessarily about what is in the gin. It is more about the proportions. The ingredients work in tandem to create the flavor, so measurements are key.” To achieve the perfect recipe for his American dry gin, it took DeAngelo almost a full year. And for the newest (unreleased as of yet) Greenhook take on Old Tom gin, the proportions took over a year to come up with to make it just right. Steven is so proud of his creations that he freely lists all of the ingredients on the back of the bottle, which is almost unheard of in the spirit world. These ingredients include a slew of organic spices, roots and fruits, and wildcrafted Italian Juniper.

But his work has not gone unnoticed. Greenhook, in the short 20 months that it has been on the market, has received accolades from everyone from the New York Times to Esquire magazine. They recently signed a distribution deal throughout the Northeast, and this craft distillery from the mind of a financial-genius-turned-gin-guru is taking New York by storm. We look forward to Greenhook Ginsmith's slow movement towards world domination, one beautiful sip at a time. 

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