Have Your Meme and Drink It Too

Have Your Meme and Drink It Too

Life was so simple for Tardar sauce a.k.a Grumpy Cat back in 2012 when she was just a mere “Meme of the Year.”  Just a few weeks ago she was on her first book tour and now she’s taking the coffee world by cranky storm.  Her grumpiness continues to expand her catty little empire with the recent addition of her very own cappuccino line.  Grumpy Cat “Grumppuccino” will come in three flavors: mocha, coffee and vanilla.

It’s no coincidence that these are the same three flavors that a certain green mermaid endorses; not to mention, a better deal than the mermaid stuff. A case of 12 Grumppuccinos costs $29.95.

August 7th was the first day of presale.  Have her face on coffee shipped to your door months before the stuff hits store shelves.  Don’t forget to hashtag #Grumppuccino once the stuff is live -we’ll post our favorite photos of you guys drinking her latest endeavor. 

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