Hey Guys, Remember Boone’s Farm?

Pete Capella
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Classes are done for the day, it’s Taco Tuesday and you can’t stop listening to the new Chumbawamba jam, Tubthumping. You’re trying to class up your partying, but being on a college student’s budget doesn’t lend itself well to high-end drinking. A 30-pack of Milwaukee’s Best is just not gonna cut it. You need something flavorful with enough punch to get yourself good and buzzed, all for about three bucks a bottle. So, it’s time to take a trip to the farm…Boone’s Farm.

The Boone’s Farm line started out as a brand of apple wine made by the E. & J. Gallo Winery. Because of changes in tax laws and distribution restrictions in some state liquor laws, Boone’s Farm is now not technically labeled a wine, but a malt beverage.

But enough with the boring technical stuff. This drink was the reason millions of college hook-ups happened across the US. With flavors like Snow Creek Berry, Sun Peach Peak and Blackberry Ridge, and a price point of just under $3, the girl’s dorm rooms were constantly stocked with this uber-sugary alcoholic concoction. If a Jolly Rancher were liquified and could give you a hell of a buzz you would have Boone’s Farm, and what young lady just acquiring her taste for the hard stuff would turn that down? That being said, the dudes are definitely known to take a trip to the “farm” every once in awhile. And we here at The Savory aren’t judging one bit. (Ok, maybe one bit…)

So what happened to Boone’s Farm? Well, the funny thing is we may have grown up, but Boone’s Farm is still right where it was years ago. The product is alive and kicking, fueling campus parties and even releasing new flavors every few years. So if you’re ready to get your Orange Hurricane on, head on down to the cold section of your local liquor store – or even gas station – and get yourself 750 ml of the sweet malt goodness that is Boone’s Farm.

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