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Let’s just imagine that this is your second Christmas spent with the in-laws. The previous tension is starting to transform into something that vaguely resembles comfort. It’s like you’re having a consultation with your dentist. Nothing to worry about – just a casual chat about teeth. You no longer fear every interaction with the in-laws but you make damn sure that you tuck your shirt in and chew your food with a smile. 

You’re going to be waking up on Christmas morning at their house, sitting around their tree and eating at their table. You will be reminded of your lack of ownership over the situation at every twist and turn, so when it’s your gift’s turn to be unwrapped you’d better make damn sure that it owns the moment.

When the old man opens his present you want to see two things in his expression: gratitude and surprise. First and foremost you want him to be happy with his gift. Giving him an unsolicited clarinet to show that you’re refined and sophisticated isn’t a smart move. But you also want to show that you understand him and that you’ve picked up on all of the little things he has shared.

Assuming that you’re not spending Christmas with a group of teetotalers in Utah, alcohol-based gifts are always greatly appreciated, particularly if you manage to curate them to someone’s tastes. The Savory has given you a list of great presents catered towards the father-in-law and the many different forms they can take. 


BBQ’d Sports Dad

Glasses – Drinking your beer out of the correct glass is imperative to ensuring that you get the most out of it. IPAs, lagers and Hefeweizen all have their own specific glasses that have been tailored to the characteristics of the beers. This is a classy gift for all beer lovers.

Link: http://www.crystalclassics.com/riedel/4991695R.htm?gclid=CIOf-42XkrsCFUi…

Brewery Tours – There are craft breweries all over the country nowadays. The recent revolution has lead to a sprouting across the nation, with each brewery proud to showcase their space and techniques to beer enthusiasts. Find one close to your in-laws’ home and arrange for a private tour and tasting.

Link: http://beermapping.com/brewery-maps/us-brewery-map/


Wood Fire Tartan Armchair Dad

Macallan 12 Year – Arguably the finest of the entry-level Scotches and the safest bet of them all. It bags more character than Glenfiddich, Glenmorangie or Highland Park. If you know that he likes whiskey but you don’t know which kind, Macallan 12 Year is the perfect choice.

Link: http://www.bevmo.com/Shop/ProductDetail.aspx/Spirits/Scotch/Highland/Mac…

Single Malt Sampler – If you want to cast your net as far as you can then a sampler is a smart move. Master Of Malt (masterofmalt.com) has terrific Scotch, Bourbon and Japanese whiskey tasting sets that are beautifully presented and extremely diverse.

Link: http://www.masterofmalt.com/tasting-set/regions-of-scotland-whisky-tasti…


That’s Too Damn Expensive – I Can Make One Dad!

Beer Brewing Kit – You can go as cheap or as expensive as you’d like for this. You can get something that will explain the theory behind it and allow for him to produce a glass of questionable beer that you will hopefully be spared from drinking.

Link: http://www.northernbrewer.com/shop/brewing/beer-equipment-starter-kits/1…

Barrel and Moonshine – Hudson, the terrific little artisan distiller from Gardiner, NY has been selling its small empty barrels to enthusiasts who want to dip a toe into the world of whiskey production. Simply add unaged corn whiskey to the empty barrel and leave it to sit for as long as you like in order to give the liquor your own personal touch.

Link: http://tuthilltown.gostorego.com/barrels/custom-made-1-liter-barrel.html

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