How to Make Homemade Almond Extract

Brooke Newberry
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Almond extract’s warm nutty flavor is brilliant for touching up pastries and baked goods. Try a touch of your DIY in oatmeal, saffron rice dishes, French toast batter, baked fruits, coffee drinks, and, of course, desserts (think pound cake, breakfast pastries, and biscotti).

Almond Extract

  • 12 whole, raw, skinless almonds
  • 1/2 cup vodka or white rum

Finely chop or crush almonds, and place in jar.   Cover completely with vodka or rum.

Seal and place in a cool, dark place in your kitchen

Shake the jar every few days or so for the first week.


Leave it be for one month.

Drain the extract through a fine sieve and discard the solids. 

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