It’s the Last Week to Get Beer in Your Burgers, Fries, and Shakes

Brooke Newberry
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It’s the last week to get beer at any of The Counter franchises – on their burgers, fries or shakes, that is.

The favorite craving-inducing chain has brought Oktoberfest to the USA by way of diner food. If attending the real Bavarian beer fest isn’t a possibility this year, then we’d actually suggest something to the likes of these.  However, the eternal love for burgers makes it impossible not to want to try the chain’s seasonal creations. Burger-building fans rejoice.

A 1/3 lb beef burger is topped with German beer cheese, black forest ham lardons (a small strip of pork fat), lettuce, pickles, sauerkraut, and served with house mustard on a toasted pretzel bun. The Beer Cheese Fries are loaded with German beer cheese, fried sauerkraut, more black forest gam lardons, and scallions.  The Beer Shakes are unfortunately not topped with the German Beer Cheese, but are made with your choice of German-style Weissbier or Oktoberfest, and vanilla ice cream and strawberries.

Usually a burger, fries and a shake are three components that constitute one hearty meal. In The Counter’s case, we may suggest these three items at separate times of consumption.

The limited edition Oktoberfest menu lasts until this Sunday, October 6th.

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