Make It a Beer Cocktail for Fall

Pete Capella
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Let us start by saying that we are not breaking ground with this article and we are well aware. Actually, let’s just call this a friendly reminder. It’s fall. It’s football season. It’s time for beer. Again, all things that you know. And with the change of the seasons also comes a change of beer flavors. Brands launch their Oktoberfest lines. Porters and stouts put on their jackets and come out to play in the leaves. Yes, you are well aware of all of this as well. Fall is also the time where we put the summer drinks on the shelf and warm our tummies with autumn cocktails. We say goodbye to fresh fruit mojitos and welcome spice-infused fall hooch. Ah, beer and liquor – the staples of the season. But what if we combined them? Beer cocktails are here and they’re not going anywhere soon. But of course, we’re just telling you things that you already know.

Sometimes you just can’t decide whether you want a beer or a cocktail. Why not have both? These days the cocktail movement is so strong that mixing has become an art form. We have the access and knowledge to make almost anything taste good. That is not to say that beer cocktails are something new. They have been around since the two ingredients existed.

So this fall, take into account the flavor profiles of the season and make yourself a great beer cocktail.

Check out The Savory’s original beer cocktail, The Boomstick.


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