Make a Party Pitcher for Game Day

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It’s harvest time. It’s football time. It’s pitcher time. Look, we all know you can fill your fridge with 30 packs of light beer, but it’s time to step up your hosting game. “But, The Savory, I don’t want to waste time shaking a cocktail,” you say. True enough. But how about pitchers? Party pitcher cocktails are a great way to serve your guests amazing cocktails without getting stuck playing bartender.

What you’ll need:

A well-stocked bar

Ingredients for your party pitcher recipe

A 48 oz pitcher (or two)

Glasses for your guests

Plenty of ice


The Savory Tips for a great Party Pitcher:

Make your recipe interesting. Give your guests an experience, not just a drink.

Make your first pitcher before the party starts. Then once your pitcher has created a buzz, teach your guests how to make it and even offer to have them help.

Don’t run out of ice. Nothing is worse than a cocktail that isn’t supposed to be warm.


The Savory’s Fall Party Pitcher Recipe

6 oz Clove Infused Akvinta Organic Vodka**

6 oz Atlantico Private Cask Rum 

4 oz Grenache Wine

4 oz Apple Cider

4 oz Honey

3 Muddled Figs

Sliced Apples for Garnish

Cinnamon Sticks for Garnish


Muddle figs with honey in your pitcher. Add all other ingredients and stir until full mixed. Serve with ice in rocks glasses, wine glasses or goblets. Garnish with an apple slice and a cinnamon stick. 

**To infuse your vodka with clove, simply open the vodka bottle and put a handful of cloves inside the bottle. Let sit for at least 24 hours.

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