Make These Unexpected Fall Butters and Savory Jams

Brooke Newberry
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If making sweet fruit jams and pulverizing fall pumpkin butter releases those domestic endorphins for you, it’s time to try DIY savory jams and explore other produce options for those seasonal butters.

Fruit and Herb Jams

Bring out the savory elements in fruit jams with herb and acid elements:

  • Woody sage brings an element of earthiness to apricot bases
  • Pair plum and lavender for a deliciously fragrant spread
  • Fancify apricots with saffron
  • Kick up peach jam with fresh cracked black pepper and rosemary or thyme
  • Combine fig and fennel to make an intense golden jam
  • Make some good old fashioned grape jam. And add thyme.

Check out our fruit and herb pairing primer for more herb inspiration. 

Tomato Jams

With the last of the heirlooms, make this gorgeous savory tomato jam via A Cozy Kitchen.  Think about color coordinating the tomato jams: make yellow tomato jam with yellow heirlooms. Add some heat with spicy peppers, some sweet with Vidalia onion, or add in favorite herbs. Think about replacing ketchup with a tomato jam, including peaches or mangoes.

Fall Butters

Made pumpkin butter last year? How about apple butter? This season, try switching up the produce. 

Pear Butter: pears are available all fall and winter long. Use Bosc pears (the ones with the soft, grainy texture and intoxicating aroma).  Add spices, fresh ginger, or simply add just a vanilla bean.

Fennel Butter: combine cool fennel root with apples and thyme, serve on grilled bread next to tomato soup.

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