Mint Julep Recipe

Pete Capella
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The Mint Julep has been around longer than most American cocktails, finding its roots in an Arab drink made from rose water and flower petals called a julab. The julep, however, came into prominence in 1938 when the Kentucky Derby decided to sell them in souvenir glasses for 75 cents a drink. Now, over 80,000 are sold each year at the two-day horse racing event.


Mint Julep

1 heaping teaspoon of Sugar

4-6 Mint Leaves

1/2 teaspoon of Water

2 oz Kentucky Bourbon

1 Mint Sprig for garnish

Place your mint leaves, sugar and water into a tall glass and muddle in the glass. Add ice, crushed if you have it, to the glass and then pour your bourbon. Stir your drink with a bar spoon and top with enough ice to fill the glass. Slap your mint sprig to release the aroma and garnish the glass. Drink with a straw if you have one at home.


Well, Southern Gents and Belles, now you are ready to sit in your rocking chair and sip on your julep. Watch The Savory bartender, Pete Capella, mix up his own julep.

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