National Scotch Day is the Best Day Ever

Pete Capella
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This Saturday, we will be sitting in a big mid-century, hand-riveted leather chair and sipping on our favorite single-malt scotch. At The Savory, this could be considered standard, but this weekend we celebrate National Scotch Day. It is the one day where you should put aside all monetary thoughts and bask in the brilliance of a scotch touted as top shelf.  

Normally, when we write a drinking holiday article, we provide you a couple of cocktail recipes, but for National Scotch Day, may we suggest the most you add to your libation is a single cube of ice. Enjoy your drink the way the distillers intended you to drink it- sip by sip, savoring every bit of its complexity.

Not sure what kind of scotch you like? Don't know whether you are into single-malts or blends? We’ve got your back. Check out our Hop Scotch guide to scotch by region.

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