New Uses for Store-Bought Dressings

Brooke Newberry
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Sometimes these robust, famous American dressings pack a little too much punch for delicate salad lettuce.  If you find yourself phasing out of the original salad buffet bottles, or if you checked out our Homemade Salad Dressing Basics and are mixing your own, don’t toss them just yet.  Have a look below at a few different ways to use the last of those aisle 14 bottles so they don’t go to waste.



Accessorize with ranch.  Use it as an actual condiment (condiment definitively meaning “enhancement”) rather than as, you know, its own soup course. 

  • Try a thin slather on the crusty bread of a steak sandwich.
  • Mess around with it in a devilled egg filling.  Substitute 1/3 of the mayonnaise in the recipe for Ranch.
  • Instead of just putting out a bowl of pure Ranch for dipping, cut the store-bought stuff with some mashed avocado, Greek yogurt, and a little extra seasoning.
  • Dip your pizza crust in the dressing. Obviously.



Thousand Island:

  • Use TI as a sauce for cold steamed shrimp.
  • Slather it on homemade Reuben’s.
  • Thinly coat burger buns with it. 
  • We didn’t tell you this, but even a little bit of this one mixed with Tabasco on taco is delish.



  • The easiest no-fail way to marinate chicken and steak.  Pour dressing in plastic bag, drop in protein. Let mingle.  
  • Dress your pasta salad with it. Choose your pasta, pick your veggies, toss lightly in Italian. Boom.



  • Mix equal proportions Ranch and French to make “Franch.”  Come on, you’ve seen “Breaking Bad.”  It’s so boss.  Conduct your own pop culture taste test and try it as a dip for fries.


Raspberry Vinaigrettes:

  • Marinate your chicken with fruit-forward dressings: the sweetness plays well with poultry.  You can also mash up fresh berries with the raspberry vinaigrette, pour over chicken, and bake.


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