No Fail Flank Steak Marinade

Brooke Newberry
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Flank steak is the Stripper Channing Tatum of steaks. 

It's a super lean, inexpensive, and flavorful cut great for adding to some stir-fry, making bomb beef fajitas, and even tossing on the grill. A choice quick-fire meat, this bad boy comes with a chew, a deep coarseness of character, and can be a little tough, especially when cooked over live fire. And much like Mr. Tatum, if tenderized properly, then yes, he can be taught to grill and will be transformed into a tender, punchy hunk of meat.

In the case of flank steak, we tenderize by marinating the heck out of it.

The keys to good flanks are to use a strong marinade (soy sauce is a useful ingredient for penetrating tougher cuts), grill the whole piece of flank steak, and to cook them fast.  It’s easier to keep some red and pink on the meat this way.  After the beef is cooked, cut into thin strips for fajitas or flank steak salad, or carve slices and slide them next to some grilled veggies. 

Pro tips: It’s always best to marinate flank for 3-6 hours before cooking, no matter what method you use.  Cook or grill using very high heat – this is important because the cut is so thin and the outer surface will need to be seared quickly before the inside gets overcooked.



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