Office Upgrade: Pack an Adult Lunch

Brooke Newberry
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Give work a midday boost and make those bag lunches more climactic.  Buy lunch items during Sunday grocery trips, freeze soups or one-pot meals for the rest of the week, and get yourself a decent-looking lunch bag.  See our graphic and the tips below for the essentials of adult lunch boxing:

Properly wrap this delicious baguette in wax paper:

  1. Tear off some wax paper in a length about 2 times the length of the sandwich and place the sandwich on the center of the paper.
  2. Bring the smooth edges together above the sandwich and line them up so the edges are both facing upwards.
  3. Roll joined edges once or twice until they lay flat.
  4. Turn package 90 degrees, line up torn edges together facing upwards, and fold the open ends of the paper down beneath the sandwich.
  5. Tape sides or wrap the package with a cloth-napkin to secure.

Transport Your Soup:

There are a few options here.  If using a thermos, pick a size and shape that is spoon-friendly so that it wont need to be transferred to a bowl.  Most thermoses keep things hot for up to 7 hours.

Freeze soup by the batch and store in lidded mason jars.  Then take them to work, dethaw in the community work fridge and then heat in separate bowl for lunch.

These microwave-safe no-leak lid Pyrex storables are great.

Pack up this easy, curried tomato soup recipe.

Thermos Buying Tip:

There’s no need to pay attention to the thermos’ mouth width if you’re just purchasing it as a morning coffee vessel, but if you’re planning on carrying smoothies or pulpy juices then you’ll want one with a mouth that is wide enough to allow contact with the insides of the container with a scrub brush when cleaning.

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