Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe

Pete Capella
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From its incarnation in 1806, the Old Fashioned has been a staple in the American cocktail culture. From is beginnings as just ice, bitters, and whiskey, the Old Fashioned has gone through multiple evolutions. The Savory is giving you our recipe for a modern twist on the original classic. 


Old Fashioned

2 oz Bourbon

1 Sugar Cube

1 Slice Orange

1 Maraschino Cherry

3 dashes Angostura Bitters

Place sugar cube in your Old Fashioned Glass (a Rocks Glass will do). Add the orange slice, cherry and bitters and muddle into a paste. Add your bourbon and then ice. Give it a quick stir and you are ready to go. 


Watch Pete, in all his suspendered glory, show you how to make an Old Fashioned at your home bar.

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