Pack it in: Bring A Personal Cooler

Brooke Newberry
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If you’re BBQ-party-hopping, you’ll absolutely need a personal booze stash – no one else’s, just yours.  Sure, feel free to bring a dish, a 12-pack, or a mini-keg as a nod to the host, but really, you gotta focus on supplying your own slosh.

We recommend using a backpack for a cooler.  It’s much more efficient to keep the booze as close as possible and to be hands-free for reach around beer-grabbing.   Buy a couple of these stainless steel beer growlers to keep beer extra cool in the pack.  If you choose to carry your beer in its original packaging – opt for aluminum cans over glass.  Much less heavy.  If you feel like the suds might not be enough, pick up a toiletry kit and some travel size bottles at your local drug store.  Stock your pack with airplane bottles and fill the travel sizes with your favorite mixers, spices, or anything else you may need for an impromptu mixology sesh. Don’t forget your vintage coozie and plastic cups.

We’re not exactly sure where to buy this multitasking masterpiece, but you should get one, somehow, someway. Please let us know if you do.

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