Pair Fruit with Herbs for Better Cobblers

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A true cobbler is topped with biscuits that are individually dropped onto its surface before baking. Variations of the cobbler include the Crisp, Crumble, Brown Betty, Slump and the Buckle – and the selling point is that they’re all wonderfully easy.  We’ve all seen Grandma’s outdated yet blissful cobbler recipes, the uber-classic cobblers, and then there are the numerous rendezvous that bloggers and ourselves alike have all experienced with that perfect peach cobbler.

While cobbler’s ripe, sugared fruit and satisfying starchiness totally takes us there, let’s not forget about our leafy green friends as accompaniments for fruit desserts. Try elevating fruit-based desserts with herbs. Our favorite cobblers combine herbed biscuits with warm fruit insides.  Here’s a glimpse at which herbs pair best with certain fruits:

Basil is sweet and aromatic with a slightly spicy and minty twang.  Add chopped leaves to cobblers or fruit desserts that are made with berries or ripe summer fruit.  Think apricots, blueberries, figs, plums and peaches.

Cilantro pairs best with fruits that have tanginess and earthiness to them.  Pair with cantaloupes, honeydew and mangoes.

Mint’s fresh and cooling flavor will accompany most fruits well.  Pair with citrus, stone fruits, melons and berries.

Thyme’s woodsy flavor brings out the flowery core of fruits.  Use sparingly and pair with cherries, peaches, honeydew and figs. 

Lavendar is super floral and will match well with lemony citruses and berries. 

Check out the full illustrated graphic here: Fruit and Herb Pairing Primer


Make: Our Late Summer Fruit Cobbler with Easy Herbed Biscuits to kickstart some bodacious and herbaceous fruit pairings.

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