Produce and Pantone: Pairing at the Farmers Market

Produce and Pantone: Pairing at the Farmers Market

Our team took a trip to the local farmers market in search of some farm-fresh color inspiration. Visual hunger was the inventive – we called upon our eyes instead of our stomachs, which proved to be a captivating sensorial experience.  Each year, Pantone presents a color palette.  Pantone colors are cast globally as the standard language for color communication.  We took our produce finds and matched them to pigments from Pantone’s projected 2014 color scheme.  We left with deliciously saturated images and pluot juice on our fingers.  Feast your eyes on the below.

Pantone’s “Fusion coral” perfectly compares to the super-ripe summer peaches we enjoyed samples of. 

The sandy tones of these sprouted beans and seeds are evocative of the color “Travertine,” which is described as a form of limestone found in hot springs.

We matched the shiny purple skins of these gorgeous eggplants with Pantone’s “Acai.”

Snow-white garlic cloves were paired with Pantone’s stormy “Marshmallow.” 

These brilliant plums, appropriately matched with Pantone’s “Vivacious,” were some of the best we had all summer.


For the full Pantone pairing gallery, click right here.

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