Rachael Ray Magazine Photoshop Insanity

Leah Hennessy
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There’s something very special happening at the Every Day with Rachael Ray offices this month. Now, we’re no experts on this stuff, but we’re thinking that special something might be a hallucinogenic. Or several.

Last week, the magazine’s facebook page posted a photo it had used for a cover (it has, unfortunately, been removed), revealing one of the most glorious Photoshop failures we at The Savory have ever seen. The folks over at Jezebel made some incredible observations about the cover, including:

  • Rachael Ray either has only one enormous leg or is a mermaid.
  • Rachael Ray looks a little more like Rachael Bilson here. But as a mermaid.
  • The inside of Rachael Ray’s mouth is actually space itself.
  • Rachael Ray has the power to make peach-colored liquid into red-colored liquid.

Bonus points go to the person who angled the picnic table to look like it’s flying! Do yourself a favor and check out the article (and comments!) here.

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