Really Expensive Chicken – It’s a Thing

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“Chicken” was a projected food trend for 2013, but unanticipated is all the ritz being attached to the home cook’s humble chicken. Steak houses are competing with luxurious preparations of whole stuffed birds, and hamburger joints are being threatened by an incoming of nouveau fried chicken sandwiches. Lavish preparations are mixed with lowcountry cooking. Better-tasting birds are now more accessible than ever for chefs and home cooks, and there’s major appeal, as we’ve witnessed, in the glamorization of comfort food.  So we started playing chicken paparazzi; chicken totally cashes in and takes the stage in various shapes and scenarios around the world.

Ayam Cemani: the $2,500 Chicken

The Indonesian breed Ayam Cemani is an exquisitely all-black class of chicken that’s being sold at $2,500 a bird. Why the insanely hefty price? Because black means total darkness: the chicken is black from the inside out, from its feathers (which tend to have a purply sheen), to its skin and its organs. The bird is even said to have black blood. The breed is also extremely rare, and Greenfire Farms is the first US farm to breed these special babies. The chickens are being pre-sold at a farm located in North Florida at $5,000 for a pair of two. Greenfire Farms is set to release its shadowy breed in Spring 2014. The farm is a non-commercial hatchery that strives to preserve and nurture select breeds of chickens. In Indonesia and other parts of Asia, the shiny black bird is said to be used in ritual ceremonies and offerings, both for medicinal purposes and “supernatural” diseases.

Beyonce Spent over $2,000 on Chicken

During her tour in the U.K., Beyonce supposedly made it a chicken dinner night for her tour’s entourage. She spent £1,444.10 ($2,255.97 in US dollars) on Peri-Peri chicken from Essex’s Nando’s chain. Permitting a receipt published online, Queen B ordered up 58 wing platters and 48 whole chickens – and it was paid for in cash. Bey also reportedly loves Popeyes Chicken.

Chickens Demand More Money

Wings are still around, yes, so Hooters isn’t going anywhere. However, some feathers were ruffled as consumers paid a little more last year because of an increase in the price of wings, which was once identified among America’s inexpensive saucy pleasures. Prices have since been on the move, declining and inclining dips.  And as of last December, prices for whole chickens were 21 percent higher than the previous year. Supporting the demand are the fast food chain restaurants that are introducing new chicken-based creations to their menus. Could Jack In The Box’s “Really Big Chicken Sandwich” be the cause of it all?


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