Rice Advice: Make the Creamiest Pudding

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It’s National Rice Pudding Day.  An afterthought of the dessert world, this creamy, texturally soothing dessert is often underrated and maybe even a little misunderstood. But keep in mind that rice feeds half the world’s population each year, so let’s give it some sweet love.

Instead of doubting the starchy staple as a crowd-pleasing addition to desserts, go ahead and make a rice pudding employing/applying/(whatever cute word works best) with these tips:

Use Medium Grain Rice

Medium grain rice has just the right amount of starch. It stays tender without breaking apart, which keeps the pudding from turning into mush.  Long grain rice is less starchy, therefore the pudding will turn out less creamy.  More starch-forward rice varieties like Arborio and other short grains actually contain more starch than medium grain rice, and they can turn pudding into a thick, starchy mass.

Use Milk Instead of Cream

Cream tends to reduce and thicken before the rice cooks by producing a much too dense and chewy pudding. The combination of milk and the rice’s starches make for a rich and luscious texture.

Make Recipes that Contain Eggs

Eggs add silky texture and complexity; stir in yolks after the rice is tender and watch the pudding’s color change from white to a buttery yellow.  Remember to simmer ever so gently after adding eggs to prevent the custard from curdling.  If the pudding comes out too thick after the addition of eggs, add a little cream to loosen. 

Cardamom and saffron add exotic aromatics and depth to this classic creamy recipe

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