Robert Burns Cocktail Recipe

Pete Capella
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Scotch isn’t necessarily well-known for its mixability. That’s just plain ridiculous. A spirit as complex as scotch serves as a great base for truly amazing cocktails. A classic cocktail from the golden age of libations, the Robert Burns, is often associated with the Scottish poet from the 1700s. But the cocktail was said to be invented in the Waldorf Astoria bar in New York City and is rumored to be named after a cigar salesman who was a regular there. No matter who its moniker refers to, this cocktail is a must-have. Classic, elegant and classy, the Robert Burns is the perfect cocktail to add to your home bar repertoire.


Robert Burns

2 oz Scotch Whiskey

.75 oz Sweet Vermouth

1 Dash of Orange Bitters

1 Dash of Absinthe

Combine all ingredients in an iced shaker. Stir 26 times. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

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