Seasonal Shift: Transition Your Home Bar to Fall

Pete Capella
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We all struggle to let go of summer’s sun and welcome autumn’s cool. September is the perfect month to transition slowly instead of going cold turkey during turkey season. Here are a few tips for easing your home bar into fall.


Transition Your Bar:

With the colder weather and fall traditions on their way, your alcohols should change with the season.

-Put away your light rum and mojito cravings and replace them with a spiced or aged rum. The oak flavors from the barrels lend themselves well to a traditional summer spirit, helping it mesh well with fall sensibilities.

-Shelf your bourbon and put your julep mugs in the cabinet. Fall is the perfect time for a single malt scotch. Drink it neat or with one cube. Learn some scotch-based cocktail recipes, like a Blood and Sand.

-Break out your nutty cordials. Nothing says fall like a good nut. The taste and even the look of fresh nuts screams ‘autumn.’ Serve a post-dinner glass of Amaretto or Frangelico to settle your stomach and warm your insides.  

-It’s time for sherry. Rich and flavorful, this Spanish fortified wine isn’t just for dessert anymore. It pairs well with fall fruits and cheeses. Medium-bodied sherries work as the perfect ingredient for sherry cocktails. Or keep a bottle out to serve as an aperitif or digestif.


Transition Your Wine Cooler:

-You had your prosecco chilled and ready for the summer months, but now it’s time to move those bottles to the bottom shelf and prepare your sparkling red. The heavier taste and reduced effervescence suit the bolder weather well. Check out some sparkling red suggestions and read a little bit more about them HERE.

-This summer you couldn’t keep your glass filled with enough Pinot Grigio. Now that it’s getting cooler, you don’t need to nix your white wine fix, but instead transition to a heavier, fuller-bodied white like a buttery Chardonnay or a Grüner Veltliner.

-Bourgelais ruled your reds this summer. It’s time to throw some earthiness onto your palate. Shelf the Bourg and sip on a nice Pinot Noir or Barbera d’Asti.


Transition Your Bar Decor:

Remember that one of the best things about having your own home bar is that it’s YOUR home bar. You can make it look exactly how you want it to. Accentuate your bar with fresh spices. Leave out cinnamon sticks, cloves and nutmeg. Dry some pine cones. Find old milk bottles from a garage sale and use them as a vase for beautiful, fall-colored mums. Help your guests transition happily from summer’s fun to fall’s harvest with a welcoming home bar setup.

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