Shark Week: Sharknado Cocktail Recipe

Pete Capella
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Known as the “Lions of the Deep”, the “Aqua Mommies” and “Water Volkswagens” (okay, we made up the second two), sharks have haunted the human mind since we first set foot into water. But for one week a year, we as a nation give them their comeuppance. In honor of this, their national holiday week (sharks are like twenty-something girls in that they get to celebrate their day for an entire week), we are serving up one hell of a torso-biting cocktail. To pay homage to the time that the sharks left the water and took to the air in tornado form, The Savory presents to you: The Sharknado Cocktail. Fins up, tails down. 
The Sharknado Cocktail
4 oz Raspberry Vodka
6 oz Blue Curacao 
2 oz Cointreau
2 oz Pineapple Juice
2 oz Grenadine 
Sprite Fill
While watching the Sci-Fi classic, Sharknado or any phenomenal Shark Week programming on The Discovery Channel, fill a medium-sized, clean and unused fishbowl with all ingredients except grenadine. Add ice and fill the bowl an inch below the top with Sprite. Garnish with three plastic shark toys. Whenever something epic happens involving sharks and/or sharknados, take your bar spoon and stir drink vigorously into a tornado-like pattern. Slowly pour in grenadine for blood effect and immediately drink (with a straw so you do not swallow the shark toys). Repeat as necessary.
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