The Skinny on Bottled and Canned Cocktails

Pete Capella
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The newest trend in cocktails eliminates the bartender all together (well, kinda). We’ve all been at the bar and waited way too long for a craft drink. And some of us have been behind the bar and gotten a bit in the weeds on a busy night, dreading having to mix a great cocktail while pining for the days of vodka and soda orders. And sometimes we’ve been at our own home bar, just wishing that our cocktails could make themselves. Enter bottled and canned craft cocktails.

Before recently, all the prepackaged cocktails that you could find were preservative-packed and chemical laden, sugary messes that made their way to the shelves of low-end liquor stores. Essentially, they were cheap ways to get drunk with no regard for taste or quality. But now, both cocktail bars and high-end brands alike are canning and bottling their own cocktail creations.

Craft cocktail bars throughout the country have begun bottling their own cocktails. The process is easy to accomplish and bodes well for both the business and the consumer. The bar now has ready-made cocktails that can be served quickly across the bar without any work by the bartender, or they can be carted through the restaurant by cocktail servers. The customers are now spared the wait time that it takes to make the cocktail and are treated to a new, fun way to drink.

Liquor brands like Campari have taken to the can to get their classic cocktail recipes into the world. At this year’s Manhattan Cocktail Classic held in May, Campari debuted their canned Negroni Sbagliato Cocktail – a simple, classic cocktail twist on the Negroni that consists of Campari, sweet vermouth and a dry sparkling wine. The canned beauties were the talk of the gala. Unfortunately, the Sbagliato cans are not available on the market yet. As a matter of fact, while brands like Pimms are available in cans in the UK, the US market is just starting to catch up to the trend. We here at The Savory have our fingers crossed that we can look forward to popping a can of our favorite cocktail this fall. 

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