Smoothie Seed Breakdown

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We wanted to investigate an ingredient that’s transforming smoothies: seeds.  Not only can we toss them in power-boosting Vitamix blends – they also add dimension to any savory dish or side.  Seeds are an effortless way to add bounty, color, texture, essential fats, and protein to a meal. Buy these little ones in bulk and put them to work in your daily food routine.  One of the easiest ways to do this is by chucking them in smoothies.  They don’t need toasting or soaking – just pulverize them. 

Flax, Chia, and Hemp are considered to be Omega 3 power seeds.  Still a hot topic, Omega 3s show no sign of being uprooted from headlines- and for good reason. These essential fatty acids are critical for heart health, brain development, reducing inflammation and joint pain, managing depression, and lowering cholesterol. These super seeds are also great sources of protein, minerals, vitamin E, and they provide more fiber per ounce than nuts. Here are the chic seeds-of-the-moment to add “superfood” affects to your smoothies. Grab, mix in, and you’re finished:

Hemp Seed

Think less of marijuana maidens making bracelets in the grass and more powerhouse food.  They look like tiny sunflower seeds, are soft in texture, and taste similar to pine nuts.  Although tiny, hemp seeds pack heavy doses of omega-6 fats and possess anti-inflammatory powers, making them a great allergy aid.  Of the three, this seed has the most protein but also the least fiber.

Chia Seed

Yes, chia seeds are the same seeds used to grow our ch-ch-ch-chia pets.  Perhaps the biggest seed fad of the moment.  Chia seeds are very small and rather neutral in flavor, similar to poppy seeds.  When put in liquid, they form a slippery gel making them an easy smoothie synthesizer.  High in omega-3’s and contains the most fiber of the three.

Flax Seed

Flax seeds are rich in omega 3-s as well as lignans, which are cancer-fighting compounds.   A little larger than sesame seeds, are hard and dry with a faint grassy taste.  Toasting them induces a nutty flavor.  Preferably, flax seeds should be ground or bought ground before adding to smoothies as they have protective shell armor that needs to be broken down.  These are also the least expensive of the bunch. Seeds


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