Spice Up Your Rum This Fall

Pete Capella
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Summer is gone, and fall has made its way into your home bar. Sure, you’ve put away the Prosecco and stowed the margarita glasses, but pump the brakes before you retire your rum. Ok, you can certainly shelf your light rum, but fall time brings with it the perfect opportunity to discover the beauty of a good spiced rum.

While spiced rum usually sits on the bench of the cocktail game most of the year, the fall season is the quintessential time for it to unleash its flavors. With a palate filled with a wide variety of tastes such as vanilla, orange peel, cinnamon and black pepper (to name a few), this darker, more complex style of rum truly lends an autumnal feel to your cocktails. These flavors are most often achieved by aging the rum in charred oak casks.

We are all familiar with the Captain Morgan and Coke, a typical frat boy order with the artificial flavor of the Coca-Cola drowning out the weak flavor of the Captain Morgan. This is clearly not the spiced rum we are talking about. With the current market saturation of amazing brands, finding a genuinely well-made spiced rum has become much easier. Try Kraken Black Spiced Rum, Cruzan 9 or Pampero Rum Aniversario.

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