How To Perfectly Stock Your Pantry for Thanksgiving

How To Perfectly Stock Your Pantry for Thanksgiving

A well-stocked pantry is the prerequisite for Thanksgiving success. Away from the meal you will be meticulously creating, who knows when you might feel a little saucy, or need to improvise? And how can you realize your own culinary creative dreams without a vivid spectrum of flavors?

The following pantry items are easy to find and most are affordable.

Thanksgiving victory is yours

Dried fruits: Keep fruits like cranberries, raisins, dried figs and dates on hand for making stuffing and for baking purposes.

Nuts and seeds: Use nuts in stuffing for an unexpected crunch. Toss in salads and keep around for baking (hello, pecan pie).

Canned jellied cranberry sauce and canned pumpkin: We love when you make your own cranberry sauce or relish but we just feel like a canned cranberry sauce safety blanket is totally worth it (and still delicious). Always have some canned pumpkin (we like Libby’s brand) around from October through December.

Broth: Chicken, vegetable or turkey. Think soups, gravies, sauces – can’t have enough of it.

Spices and herbs: Move baking spices to the forefront of the spice rack and keep dried rosemary, sage leaves, thyme and tarragon near by.

Potatoes, onions and shallots: Thanksgiving doesn’t usually slide by us without the mashing of potatoes. Onions and shallots are the flavor purveyors of many holiday dishes and sauces. Buy plenty - you’ll use them.

Baguettes: Keep fresh baguettes around for appetizer crostini-making, day old bread for stuffing, and two day-old baguettes for croutons.

Baking essentials (flour, sugar, vanilla extract, baking powder and baking soda): You think you’re going to get by without making a pie this season? 


Revised by Ross Gardiner on 11/06/2014

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