Strange Bedfellows: Beck-ommendations

Strange Bedfellows: Beck-ommendations

Music is soul. It motivates and defines us. It runs through our veins and seeps through our pores. It also says a lot about what we eat and drink. In our new weekly feature, The Savory Food Editor, Brooke Newberry, and Cocktail Editor, Pete Capella, will give their inspired recommendations based on three works by the same artist. This week, we listened to three of our favorite Beck songs to enkindle food and drink recs for each of the tracks.

Where It’s At: from Odelay (1996)

Brooke’s Food Rec: This song’s instrumental range taps into a spectrum of emotions. I think you'll appreciate a good Pad Thai if you totally jam out to this track. Sweet, savory and spicy simultaneously trigger the senses. Slick, saucy noodles, the perfect peanut crunch, and generous amounts of cilantro divinely balance one another in the dish as they balance your vibes.

Pete's Drink Rec: This song runs the gamut of sounds and emotions. And what better to satisfy your multi-colored liquor palate than a shot of whiskey and a beer? I recommend a Boilermaker. May I suggest Eagle Rare Whiskey followed by a New Belgian-brewed Rampant Imperial IPA? Or if you're feelin' like a little midwestern barn party, a Wild Turkey Whiskey chased down with a Pabst Blue Ribbon?

Lost Cause: from Sea Change (2002)

Brooke’s Food Rec: This gloomy single identifies the dark, rugged path you’re stumbling down, shows you some light for a breath or two, then pushes you right back into darkness. If you’re feelin’ the song’s slow burn, I’d suggest making a good cabbage stew to wallow in. Yes, a good one – they exist.  Take comfort in this earthy, musty stew’s brothy spell.   

Pete's Drink Rec: I was literally sent this song by an ex as we were breaking up, so this puppy is personal. It reminds me of a chilly New Jersey autumn full of rain and heartbreak. There's nothing better to drown your sorrows than the peaty moss taste of a scotch served neat. It's like a relationship gone wrong. It tastes great, but still has a hell of a bite. Plus with all that rain outside, you can always add a splash of the sky's tears to mellow your drink. For that peaty relief, try two fingers of Ardbeg Uigeadail.

The New Pollution: from Odelay (1996)

Brooke’s Food Rec: “Pink eyes looking to the food of the ages.” This old soul track makes me wanna saunter around the kitschy dinner party I'm hosting to its 60s-inspired groove moves. I’d recommend a funky yet classic creation to match it: fondue. Intimate, aromatic and a little messy – try a cheese fondue made with champagne or cider, like this one.    

Pete's Drink Rec: “Riding low on the drunken rivers.” Ok, this song to me is like Soul-Train-meets-60s-funkadelia-meets-A-Tribe-Called-Quest. Its got a groove that you can't help dancing to. I want something in a rocks glass that I can't spill, which tastes great and lets people know I'm here to party. Well dude, I want a White Russian. Drink while you dance and dance while you drink. Learn how to make the perfect White Russian:

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