Strange Bedfellows: N. P. H.

Strange Bedfellows: N. P. H.




Brooke's Food Rec: A supervillain-ized Neil Patrick Harris (I’ll call him NPH for short) is in love.  Love for supervillains is a tough ride and totally gets in the way of keeping in criminal character. If you enjoy NPH’s entertaining portrayal of inner turmoil, then Dr. Horrible is a perfect application for our leafy green friend: broccoli raab. Raab is often confused with broccolini, another steamable green. Broccoli raab looks similar to mustard greens and, much like Dr. Horrible, retains a pleasant bitterness and is slightly nutty. Read more about their differences here.

Pete's Drink Rec: There is nothing more fun to me than having a villain as the hero. NPH is a lovestruck supervillain with a penchant for anything over-the-top. We've all struggled with love and trying to get the one that we've fallen for to notice us. Dr. Horrible needs a drink that people notice when you're drinking it, but isn't so over-the-top that people feel like you're craving attention. Why not order a Sazerac? It's classic and gentlemanly, and when made correctly is garnished with a flamed orange peel, garnering you the attention of the one that you hold dear. Check out how to make a Sazerac:

Brooke's Food Rec: Barney Stinson is everyone’s favorite suit-sporting, love-to-hate character. He enters a scene, annoys and captivates you at the same time, and you can’t stop watching him act like the perfect idiot. Caribbean Jerk Chicken is my recommendation for fans of NPH’s Barney. The delicious combination of Jamaican allspice, nutmeg, scallions, thyme and garlic is taken over-the-top by the addition of uber-spicy Scotch Bonnet peppers, and even though your mouth is on fire, you can’t stop eating this dish. The heat packed in these peppers is never ending and strangely pleasurable.

Pete's Drink Rec: Dudes, dudes, dudes. Barney Stinson is everything a dude should be. No, wait, he's everything a dude should hate. What. Is. Barney? NPH plays the Barney character so well that you never question to why these other, seemingly normal people have him as part of their friend group. Anejo Tequila served neat is my rec for Stinson lovers. Its reputation precedes it, but if you give it time, you learn to appreciate its subtlety and smoothness. Try Tequila Forteleza Anejo. Leave the lime out, por favor.

Brooke's Food Rec:  NPH’s portrayal of Mark, an impoverished yet aspiring filmmaker is perhaps one of his most genuine performances. His dynamic stage presence and ability to tell (and sing) a story reminds me of the syrup-trapping dependability of Belgian waffles. Syrup is captured in the light, crisp waffle's deep pockets, sweetening the breakfast's story.

Pete's Drink Rec: I was lucky enough to see Neil Patrick Harris in RENT. I was blown away. Granted, Mark was written to steal the show, but Mark stole the show hardcore. If you love the scarfed filmmaker/narrator and his postive outlook on life, then you'll love a drink that speaks to you while you drink it. Something that was made to be the best and lives up to its name. I would like to recommend a high-end cognac whose complexity is ever changing as you drink it, but Mark could never afford that. As a matter of fact, a young filmmaker trying to make it in NYC can't afford much of anything. So I am going to recommend something affordable while still holding on to those same characteristics. Try a North Coast Brewery Old Rasputin Stout Beer. It is rich and complex, with a bold and powerful taste.  

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