Sweet Treats: Sandwiches as Pies?

Sweet Treats: Sandwiches as Pies?

These treats are really about one thing - and it’s not pies or cookies.  It’s sandwiches.  The kiddies love sandwiches.   These rounded, compact, and transportable sweet treats are hard to turn down.  So, if you didn’t know the difference already, here’s a little rounded sugar sandwich breakdown, in chronological order of invention.

Moon Pie

Moon Pies remain a Deep South icon status and are considered a perfectly flawless meal when served alongside RC Cola.  Legend has it that a Tennessee bakery, Chattanooga Baking Company, invented these compressed treats around the beginning of the Great Depression.   The flavors are s’mores inspired (or maybe the moon inspired the s’more?).   Traditional Moon Pies consist of two round graham carckers trapping some marshmallow filling in the center, the whole thing dipped in a chocolate.  The result is a soft, sticky layering that tastes like a cross between a cookie and a cake.  Take a crack at this recipe - bake them up for your friends.

Oatmeal Crème Pie

Also from Tennessee, the Oatmeal Crème Pie came out in 1960 and was Little Debbie’s very first endeavor.  Dubbed “OCP” in the South, these treats are just simple and delicious.  Two super soft oatmeal cookies compress a layer of whipped, sugary white cream filling.  As delicious as they were when we were kids, we think homemade versions taste much more….real.  A little less sweet and more developed cookie base makes these homemade pies a must-try.

Whoopie Pies

Perhaps the most confusing of the three, these are (maybe) best described as cupcake-like sandwich cake cookies? Whoopie Pies were originally a Pennsylvania Dutch delicacy and they continue to spread throughout the country.  These fluffy sweets began to give cupcakes a run for their money circa 2009.  Originally, a pie takes two chocolate mound-shaped cake-like pastry pieces and mashes a sweet, creamy filling or frosting between the two sides.  Out of the three “pies,” whoopies were never packaged and sold under a brand; therefore their flavor combinations are for the home cook or bakery to decide.  We’ve seen a lot of pumpkin whoopies during fall.  Start with Gourmet Magazine's OG Whoopie recipe.

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