Trend Report: Noodles Take On Buns

Brooke Newberry
(Photo: )

We’ve all seen Atkins diet-inspired lettuce buns and America’s carb starved retort, which were followed by donuts as burger buns and KFC’s 2010 deep-fried chicken cutlets as bun “substitutes” – and now we’re in the midst of many hybrid moments (i.e. Cronuts).  Combine the two and we’ve got another freaky food phenomenon: the Ramen Burger. 

Keizo Shimamoto is a chef and blogger who showed up to Brooklyn’s Smorgasborg (a Brooklyn flea market that springs to life on Saturdays and Sundays) with what we call Hybrid Dreams.  He’s nailed the Cronut-inspired trend by introducing the very first Ramen Burger.  Shimamoto’s pitch is a basic burger, a layer of “secret” sweet and salty shoyu sauce, arugula and scallions set between two ramen noodle buns.  The “buns” are two round discs of ramen noodles that have been made crisp from frying.  Here’s where it gets good: when bitten into, the noodles, while crunchy on the outside, turn soft under pressure.  Basically, the burger is a sweet and salty texture party that also reminds us of those college ramen noodle days.

Hundreds were lined up at Shimamoto’s lot starting at 8 a.m. this past Sunday.  The Smorgasburg stand is an experiment on his part to see if New Yorkers will be interested in a Ramen Burger restaurant.  

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