What Does Your Bartender Drink: Adrian Biggs, Bacardi USA

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You watch in awe as they carefully craft your cocktail with the precision and speed of a fighter pilot. Dressed to the nines, they barely break a sweat as they muddle, shake and strain to perfection. They are encyclopedias of cocktailia, as they can name every drink from an Aviation to a Zombie Punch. They are bartenders and they are the blood, sweat and tears of the cocktail revolution. So the question we all have is: when they put down the shaker and unstrap the suspenders, what do these superheroes behind the stick actually drink?

The Savory took to the best craft cocktail bars in the country to talk to some of our favorite, most talented bar chefs to find out just what it is they order at the bar. Each week we will feature one of the nation’s top bartenders and their drink of choice.

The Savory’s Featured Booze Slinger:

This week’s Savory Fave is Adrian Biggs. Adrian is a Tasmanian transplant who is a beast behind the bar. His custom shake alone will stir you into a cocktail frenzy. He is Training Manager at Bacardi USA and has over 15 years of food and beverage experience, spanning every aspect of the industry from convention centers to cocktail bars. He has carefully crafted and helped launch cocktail programs all over the country. When it comes to cocktails, Biggsy’s (that’s what his friends call him) mantra is C.P.P. — Consistency. Passion. Preparation. Biggs says, “If you are consistent, passionate and prepared, you can’t help but put out banging cocktails.”


What Does Your Bartender Drink?:

Adrian’s drink, when on the other side of the bar, is a classic Daiquiri. A perfect balance of sweet and sour, the daiquiri is a great drink any time of year, any time of day.

Adrian Biggs’ Daiquiri Recipe

2 oz Bacardi Heritage 1909

1 oz Fresh Lime Juice

2 Bar Spoons of Fine Sugar

Combine all ingredients and shake with ice. Strain into cocktail glass.

Note: Adrian prefers using fine sugar because of its “sherbet effect”. It doesn’t fully dissolve and provides an extra textural experience. 

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