What is Omakase?

Brooke Newberry
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Omakase is loosely translated as “chef’s pleasure,” but really, it’s yours.  When you order omakase at a Japanese sushi restaurant, you are no longer in the driver’s seat when it comes to ordering. The Japanese translation of omakase is “to entrust” or “I leave it up to you” – more specifically communicated, “to trust the chef.”  Depending on the chef’s philosophy and the exciting fare that’s fresh off the boat, a meal of up to a dozen courses should be gracing your presence if you order this way, starting with lighter plates and bites and ending with richer dishes.

Let the chef woo you and be prepared to shell out some cash, discover and experience innovative and non-traditional dishes, and eat exotic items you might never have planned on eating. Most sushi restaurants offer omakase. Picky people need not apply.

Pronounce it: oh-mah-kah-seh.  Yes, it will take a few times until it starts rolling off the tongue.  

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