What To Do With Cherimoya

What To Do With Cherimoya

A fantastic farmers market fruit find, the cherimoya [chair-eh-moy-ya] fruit is indigenous to Central and South America, and grown seasonally in California.  With skin like a prehistoric dinosaur egg, the fruit isn’t exactly externally sexy.  Its insides, however, are a fleshy mess of silky, custard like pulp and is appropriately called the “custard apple” in Britain.  With flavors similar to mango, banana, and pineapple, this drippy fruit is nature’s finest banana split.  It is a must-try. 

To Buy and Prep:

Look for a fruit that is firm and feels heavy for its size.  Just like tomatoes or avocados, ripened cherimoyas will give slightly to pressure.  They can be enjoyed raw or cooked.  Cut them in half lengthwise and scoop out the velvety spoonfuls. Scrape the rind to get every bit of its sweet flesh and make sure to remove the inedible large black seeds.  


  • Check out our easy, no-machine, cherimoya ice cream recipe here.
  •  Add to smoothies for extra-tropicality.
  •  Um, holy fruit this cocktail recipe from the LA Times looks good.
  •  Instead of mango salsa, make cherimoya salsa in the same way. 
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