What You Need To Know About All Those National Food Holidays

Brooke Newberry
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So, what do you do for National Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day day?  Wait ‘til the clock strikes midnight to celebrate because you can hardly contain yourself?  No, probably not, but our nation’s food calendars do give us giddy excuses to drink tequila on a weekday and eat lima beans for National Lima Bean Respect Day (mark April 20th for a major banger).  But, really, the entire 365-day year is sliced up (no pun intended) into food days.  Every day, some weeks, and all months, have a food associated with it.

Most of our country’s more serious, non-food holidays are observances sanctioned by our National government.  The President isn’t sitting down at his desk deliberating whether the month of March or April should be National Grilled Cheese month.  Our foodish holidays are born via marketing schemes and sponsorships. The lucky attempts of food companies and PR teams that flood mainstream media and become of relevant discussion are the pitched Food Days that gain the most exposure, are turned into National Food Holidays, and then may or may not become national trends.  Basically, our food calendar is written compilation of people who want to sell more food. 

Some months are hard to keep track of – but don’t worry, social media will consistently let you know “what day it is.”  For instance, there seems to be a silly amount of dessert days for each month.  How many Popsicle flavors really need their own day? Apples get three months to themselves, Potato gets two, and why does “Soyfoods” own the entire month of April? And, there’s also this special day.

Note: Schools, banks, and grocery stores will stay open for most food holidays. 

We’re tired of our favorite foods and themes being left out.  Here’s a few we wish would make the cut:

  • National Pizza Bubbles Day
  • Ambrosia Salad Day
  • Lucite Lunchbox Day
  • Expensive Salt Day
  • Coning Day
  • Cream Cheese on Everything Day
  • Lean Cuisine Alfredo Pasta with Chicken and Broccoli Day
  • Forget Your Food Allergy Day
  • Take Your Dog to Lunch Day
  • Pickle Week

What foods do YOU wish would make it into the almanac?  Pitch us some “National <insert whatever ridiculousness here> Day’s” in the comment section below.

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