Who is Ruth Bourdain?

Brooke Newberry
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One of our favorite twitter handles is a parody mash-up of Ruth Reichl’s lyrical tweets and Anthony Bourdain’s loutish attitude.  The result is bizarre and often sexual hilarity.  The satirical writer behind it all remained a mystery – until now.  @ruthbourdain’s identity is finally revealed: it’s Paula Deen.  Just kidding.  Meet Josh Friedland, producer of the popular food blog Food Section, and see the full story here.  Friedland’s account even won a James Beard humor award (the first of its kind) for its poetically vulgar prose.  In honor of Ruth B’s outing, here are a few especially crass and memorable @ruthbourdain tweets:  


“Woke with the vivid taste of “surf and turf” on my mind. Bone luged soft sea urchin off @ericripert’s ass. Memorable mouthful. Le Bernardin.”



“Cold. Butter-fucked by a croissant; flurry of flakes. Mainlining icy tangerine juice. Bright shit. Coffee; money shot of cream. Good morning.”



“Jesus. This fucking cold, gray city. Snorting salmon roe off tiny pancakes. Golden showers of lemon. Money shot of sour cream. New York.”



“Radiant morning. Smoking tangerine zest rolled in pancakes: Fluffy floating clouds of smoke. Mario Batali’s bacon farts, lingering scent.”



“I just got Gwyneth Paltrow’s new cookbook, and I have to say it’s very illuminating. That’s because I set it on fire.”

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