Why Cauliflower is the Next Big Thing

Why Cauliflower is the Next Big Thing

Cauliflower is having an identity crisis and we completely support it.  Chefs and home cooks are exploring this vegetable staple’s chameleon-like attributes by challenging it in desserts, flash-frying it, pureeing the veg into sauces, and even serving it as “steak.”

Cauliflower is basically a blank canvas when it comes to texture and flavor.  Its crisp, light texture and neutrality provides seasonings with a sturdy surface. Super versatile, cauliflower’s sweet and slightly nutty flavor make it much easier to manipulate than vegetables with a stronger flavor, like kale and brussels sprouts.  When puréed, cauliflower florets present a super creamy texture suitable for soups, sauces and even cream substitutions.  Don’t let this cabbage cousin’s blandness fool you  – this veggie stacks up to other high-vita superfoods.  It’s rich in Vitamin C, folate and sulforaphane, a compound that may protect against cancer.

Make some room for the new darling of side dishes by reading below for unexpected ways to use this vegetable:


  • Lightly bread cauli and fry it to transform the raw cauliflower into a sweet, caramelized side dish. Serve it with a yogurt-based sauce or a spiced aioli.
  • Puree the veg to make sauces.  Try adding it into cheesy or creamy pasta sauces, or serve a harissa and cauliflower sauce (yep, just blend, season and serve) with meats.
  • Saute cauliflower with your favorite spice and crushed cashews for a hearty side.
  • Check out this recipe for a cauliflower pizza crust.
  • Potato substitutes: try mashing up cauliflower instead of potatoes, make latkes substituting half the potatoes, and make a cauliflower gratin.
  • Try this grown-up mac and cheese recipe showcasing our new fave.
  • Chop up some roasted florets and toss them into your salad for a fun crunch.
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