For Your Weekend: Make Breakfast in Bed

Brooke Newberry
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Make the most important meal of the day a thoughtful one.  The perfect breakfast-in-bed experience summons simple, fresh-ingredient dishes.  Keep things easy.  It’s all eggs, toast, and pillows.  No need for soufflés or benedicts – the bedded person will be impressed enough by the sweet little act itself.  Tips for horizontal breakfasts this weekend:

1. Make strong, aromatic coffee.  Serve it the way they like it.  If unsure on how they take it, bring sugar cubes, cream, and a small spoon.  Bring a small glass of orange juice, too.

2. Avoid crumbly foods for obvious reasons.  Leave muffins or overly crunchy items on the countertops (exception: bacon).

3. Serve breakfast with some style.  Use a sturdy tray.  Provide a nice linen napkin and lay a note or a single flower on the tray or bedside table.

4. Serve poached eggs on hashbrowns or olive-oil drizzled toast and top with shaved pecorino cheese.  Add fresh herbs for aromatics.  Include a side of fresh, seasonal fruit.  Don’t forget silverware.  Click here to learn how to get the perfect poach.

5. Bring them the New York Times or their preferred paper or favorite magazine.

6. Sunday morning is the ideal, but surprising them early on a weekday morning for an unexpected treat will garner praise.

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