Bill Clinton Gives DNC a Surprise New Hashtag for Hillary

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Last night, history was made when Hillary Clinton became the first official female presidential nominee and to honor this victory, her husband, former President Bill Clinton, unknowingly created the newest campaign hashtag. To date, #ImWithHer has narrated Hilary's campaign closely online. 


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During his speech at the much talked about Democratic National Convention, Mr. Clinton told the country it needed to decide which narrative to believe about his wife – the cartoon version or the real one. “Good for you,” he said, “Because earlier today you nominated the real one.”

And with that simple dig at Trumps ongoing ploys to call out Hillary’s character, the hashtag #TheRealOne went viral.

It is standard for the spouse of the candidate to take on the task of honoring their character but obviously this is the first time it’s been up to a could-be First Husband.

The former President shared nostalgic memories from their 45-year marriage – from the day they met at Yale Law to the first time he visited her childhood home in Park Ridge, Illinois, to the day he asked her to marry him, joking about how long it took for her to accept.


“The third time was the charm,” he teased an usually silent crowd. He went on to describe Hillary as “insatiably curious,” “a natural leader,” and “the best darn change-maker I’ve ever met in my entire like.

What really became apparent was how the speech was clearly crafted to undermine the unfortunate reputation Hillary has among some. That reputation being that she is an inauthentic, calculating and self motivated politician which Mr. Clinton called “a cartoon.”

“One is real, one is made up. The real one calls you when you’re sick, when your kid is in trouble or when there’s a death in the family” the former President explained. It was this sentiment, #TheRealOne that resonated online. Not because it was premeditated but rather because it epitomized the point Clinton supporters have been trying to make all along.

And most importantly it’s a clever and targeted dig at Trump that he probably doesn’t even get. 

Watch the full speech here 

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