This Drugstore Buy is Just as Good as MAC Fix + Spray

Jascmeen Bush
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Some beauty junkies swear by MAC Fix + Spray. It an be used as a primer, sealer, we’ve seen it used to soften Beauty Blenders and prep makeup brushes. Chances are if you use it for all these things, you can go through a bottle pretty quickly. If you’re looking for a dupe to try (and we know you are) try this recommendation we found on Pinterest.

Nivea’s Aqua Effect Refreshing Toner has some of the same ingredients and at around $15 for a huge bottle, it’s definitely a value compared to the Fix + priced at $22 for a much smaller amount. Both are mostly water mixed with glycerin and contain hydrogenated castor oil. Pour this toner into a spray bottle and see if you can feel a difference. Or you can always do a DIY, check out our tried and true formula HERE.

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