Top 10 HOTTEST Female Anime Villains

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Anime is filled to the brim with sexy protagonists and friends getting along and saving the day. But what about the bad, and the downright murderous? They might not be waifu material. But that’s not what this is about. Dave and Kris compare notes to bring you the top 10 absolute hottest female anime baddies. Tell us who tops your list, and which of our hosts’ lists you most agree with in the comments below.

#10 – Black Lady – Sailor Moon
#9 – Slan – Berserk
#8 – Boa Hancock – One Piece
#7 – Female Titan – Attack on Titan
#6 – Queen Beryl – Sailor Moon
#5 – Angel – Fairy Tail
#4 – Lust – Full Metal Alchemist
#3 – Raynare – High School DxD
#2 – Esdeath- Akame ga Kill
#1 – Rindo – Food Wars