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Watch Donald Trump Trump Himself

Donald Trump is notorious for his vulgar language. The real estate mogul isn’t afraid to speak his mind, especially when it comes to politics. It almost feels like the presidential candidate has turned his campaign into a special episode of Celebrity Apprentice, featuring him and his Republican rivals.

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Trump isn’t afraid to offend his rivals either. He especially likes to take jabs at Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush. Actually, the reality star doesn’t mind offending anyone, including people who are eligible to vote. There’s never a dull moment when it comes to Donald Trump and that’s why we’ve rounded up his best political moments and combined them with his famous Apprentice episodes. The business mogul has fired so many people on his show that it’s about time we turn the tables on him.

Check out some of his most hilarious, yet incredibly incompetent moments. From Trump actually saying the word “p*ssy” before the New Hampshire Primary, to getting iced by pageant queens for no real reason, to saying that he would actually date his daughter if they weren’t related. Yes, the presidential hopeful utters those words on live television while his daughter sits next to him. Click play to see Trump fire himself for his shenanigans.


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