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Top 5 Airbnb Nightmares – Orgies, Meth Heads, & More

Those that have resorted to listing their own apartment on Airbnb usually find the experience to be a relatively painless way to make a few extra bucks while they crash on a friend’s couch for the weekend. And I think, rich or poor, most of us can agree that the average stay at an Airbnb space is much nicer than most dingy hotels and usually at a better price point, too.
But these few souls drew the cosmic short straws and wound up with some of the worst Airbnb experiences in the company’s short history.
One predatory room-letter lured in guests with a promise of a $35 per night pad, but what awaited those that booked was a room full of 11 metal bunk beds without sheets or pillows. Many renters were also unaware they’d locked themselves into a 30 day stay in this barracks.
A Youtube celeb told of a crappy stay in a place where, after the toilet stopped working, the property owners told her to just collect her feces in a plastic bag and throw it out.
One poor woman found herself on the wrong side of some legal loopholes when renters decided to stop paying her in cash for their time there. In the end, she had to pay the squatters over $1,700 to get them to leave.
That’s almost as bad as the poor guy who rented his place out to a meth head who chopped up the walls with an axe and ran off with half his stuff, but not before leaving a random cat at the scene of the crime.

None of these can top the nightmare scenario one couple faced when they came home to find their place had been the scene of a drug-fueled orgy that weekend and trashed in the process.

If you’ve never been so destitute that you’ve had to participate in this or other parts of the “sharing economy,” just take a moment to count your blessings as you are officially one of the luckiest humans of the modern era.


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