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Wesley Snipes Wants To Reprise ‘Blade’

In an era where superheroes have basically taken over the entire film landscape, characters that may have been ahead of their time are working to get back into the popular consciousness. So when rumors start to fly over a reboot of the Blade franchise, naturally Wesley Snipes has come out saying that he’d like to be apart of it.

Netflix and Marvel have been rumored to ramp up their superhero series, with Moon Knight, Ghost Rider and Blade all being on the table for adaptations.  Snipes, of course, would like to reprise his role as the vampire hunter.  “When it comes to another BLADE, there’s always a possibility #SharpeningMyTeeth”

Currently, Blade is essentially synonymous with Snipes, the franchise pulling over $400 million across three films. And coming off the action TV series The Player, Wesley’s still in great shape at 53, which would make it interesting to play an older version of Blade.

The question, of course, is what Marvel, Disney and Netflix want to do. Should they want to start Blade completely over, Snipes’ days as the titular character would be over. 


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