Diva Referee Joey Crawford Interrupts Kevin Durant’s Free Throws

James Lumalu
(Photo: )

There is nothing worse than a sports official who thinks he or she needs to be the center of attention, and no individual personifies that more than NBA referee Joey Crawford.



Crawford, who once ejected Tim Duncan for laughing on the bench, was up to his usual tricks Tuesday night as the Memphis Grizzlies battled the Oklahoma City Thunder in a critical Game Five.

With the Thunder down by just one point with 27.5 seconds left in overtime, Kevin Durant was at the stripe to take the potential game-tying free throw. But then, like a girlfriend feeling she hasn’t received enough attention, Crawford busted his little chops towards Durant to take the basketball.

In the video below, Crawford can be heard yelling at the scorer’s table, “Listen to me!” as he tries to correct an error regarding fouls and both team’s being in the bonus. All the while, Durant is essentially being iced as he waits for Crawford’s shenanigans to end:


Of course, Durant ended up missing the tying free throw and the Thunder lost the game 100-99. While it is on Durant to make the shot, the distraction from Crawford was absolutely unnecessary and adds to a laundry list of garbage he’s conducted during his NBA tenure.


And for fun, a bonus compilation video of Crawford refereeing:

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