Friends and Family Read Handwritten Letters From Peyton Manning in Moving Gatorade Ad

Bradley Whitaker
(Photo: Getty)

It’s been over two months since Peyton Manning rode off into the sunset at Super Bowl 50 and he’s been relatively MIA on the airwaves since, not even appearing in a single Papa John’s ad (get your sh*t together Peyton).

But Gatorade put out a moving commercial on Thursday to commemorate the incredible 18-year career of Manning, with many of his friends, family, teammates and former coaches reading handwritten letters they received from the five-time MVP.

Tony Dungy, Eli and Archie Manning, Jeff Saturday, Derek Jeter, Demaryius Thomas, Chris Mortensen and many more make appearances.

Watch below:

Unfortunately, the one person Peyton forgot to include was Papa John. Luckily, we took the liberty of digging up his letter to Papa, discovered in a rock wall next to an Oak Tree.

Dear Papa John,

Thank you for giving me the confidence to tuck my jersey into my mom jeans, and helping me settle into my post-retirement dad bod. Since I’m no longer participating in the game of football anymore, I am developing what I like to call a “Papa John pouch.” And believe it or not, my wife loves it, almost as much as she loves your 50 percent off coupons every time the Nuggets win a game.

Hugs and kisses, catch yas later, thanks for the cheese.



I dare you to keep your eyes dry after reading that letter. It’s impossible.

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